What is cold distillation?

Cold distillation is the opposite of traditional distillation, where we use heat on the mixture to extract flavors by the evaporation of the maceration. Thanks to our unique glass still, we are able to distil our spirits at temperatures below 0°C. This allows us to evaporate the mixture without heat, preserving the fresh taste without adding a caramelized flavor.

What is a vacuum still?

A vacuum still reduces pressure by creating a vacuum during distillation. This makes it possible to control the boiling point of the mixture. This specific process allows the master distiller to select ingredients normally altered by heat and to design very different products.


Since the distillery has an innovative still that can create exceptional spirits, we wondered who reigns supreme. Is it not the King? In our case, it's the King of the North! NOROI has been created to reign in the industry.

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